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International Fiscal Association

The International Fiscal Association (IFA) is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organization dealing with fiscal matters. IFA is a neutral, independent, non-lobby organization and as such the only global network of its kind. As a non-profit organization, IFA provides a neutral and independent platform where representatives of all professions and interests can meet and discuss international tax issues at the highest level.

Its objects are the study and advancement of international and comparative law in regard to public finance, specifically international and comparative fiscal law and the financial and economic aspects of taxation. IFA seeks to achieve these objects through its Annual Congresses and the scientific publications relating thereto as well as through scientific research.

Since its establishment in 1938 in the Netherlands, IFA has grown into a truly global association with nearly 13,000 members from 115 countries. IFA members have established IFA Branches in 72 countries. For members in countries where an IFA Branch has not been yet established, IFA facilitates direct membership.


IFA Malaysia

Since 1981, the Malaysia Branch of the International Fiscal Association has followed one simple mission - to lead in advancing and serving its community of members, and the industry at large. It aims to keep its members informed on new developments in fiscal matters in Malaysia, particularly with regard to taxation and to promote discussion and the exchange of knowledge, experience and views with respect to fiscal law.

IFA Malaysia organizes various forums and member talks throughout the year on diverse topics such as corporate tax, transfer pricing, tax case law, indirect tax and international tax issues including ongoing developments in the global tax community.

As a member of the IFA Asia Pacific Region, IFA Malaysia will host the 8th Asia Pacific Regional Meeting of IFA in Kuala Lumpur in 2024.

Get in touch to learn more about us and how to join our community.

IFA Malaysia Committee and Representatives

Executive Committee

  • Rachel Saw (IBFD Asia), Branch Chair

  • Mei-June Soo, Branch Secretary

  • Thenesh Kannaa (TraTax), Branch Treasurer

  • Anand Raj (Shearn Delamore)

  • Aurobindo Ponniah (PwC Malaysia)

  • Chooi Tat Chew

  • Frances Po

  • Dr Veerinderjeet Singh (Tricor)

Contact Us

Interested in becoming a member or simply have questions about IFA Malaysia? Contact us today.

+60(3)-2287 0709

Thanks for contacting us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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