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IFA Malaysia 2023 Year-End Talk

Global Minimum Tax and Digitalization:

Navigating the Future Fiscal Landscape

24 November 2023 | 2 pm (Kuala Lumpur)



In a rapidly evolving global and digital economy, understanding the intricacies of international taxation is more critical than ever before. The OECD’s Pillar 2 is a landmark framework that is set to redefine the global tax landscape, establishing a global minimum tax rate for multinational corporations to prevent the shifting of profits to low-tax jurisdictions, while digital technologies have transformed the way businesses operate and challenged the traditional tax infrastructure.


With these changes fast gaining momentum around the world, what will they mean for taxpayers and businesses in the region?

Join us for a special year-end event as we speak with leading experts on the far-reaching impact of these impending changes for businesses across the region, and how jurisdictions around the world are shaping their tax policies and tax administrations to adapt to future challenges and harness the use of technology.


Whether you're a tax practitioner, accountant, economist or business leader, this event promises to provide valuable insights into some of the most significant developments in international taxation to date.

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